Welcome to "Pan's Story," a choose-your-own-adventure prequel to "Pan's Guide for New Pioneers" from Onyx Path Publishing and Pugsteady. There are 64 possible paths to the end! This story is a way to learn how to play the Pugmire RPG. Once you're ready, click the link to part 1!

Pugmire and Mau Radio

I've been on a number of podcasts talking about Pugmire, and some folks have taken to recording their game sessions.

Geek & Sundry

During the Kickstarter, Pugmire Early Access was featured on two different shows on Geek & Sundry (No Survivors and Barky's Brigade).

Pugmire TV

Fans and video creators of all kinds latched onto Pugmire, and were inspired to post their own videos talking about the game.